About Capri Essentials

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Plant Based Formulas

At Capri Essentials, we carefully source premium plant-based ingredients to create our all-natural household cleaners. Our formulas harness the power of nature's bounty to provide a safe and eco-friendly solution for your cleaning needs.

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Pure Essential Oils

We believe in the natural goodness of essential oils. From calming lavender to energizing lemon and refreshing basil, our products harness the therapeutic properties of nature to elevate your cleaning experience & bring balance to your home.

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No Harsh Chemicals

Our formulas are meant to be tough on dirt, not your skin. By stripping away unneccesary filler chemicals, we produce household cleaners that won't leave you feeling scoured. The result is a much gentler, better smelling cleaner that still tackles all the household dirt you can throw at it. 

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No Animal Testing

Capri Essentials is proud to have never tested its formulas on animals. When you shop Capri, you can rest assured that no cute bunnies, mice, or other lab animals were hurt in the process. 

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