Tips for Fall Cleaning

As the leaves begin to change and the cold months approach, it’s important to take initiative and prepare your home for seasonal changes.

The opportunity for germs and bacteria to enter your home is quickly approaching as the warm summer months are coming to an end. During the summer months, much more time is spent outdoors or on vacations with loved ones; and while you were out enjoying your freedom, dirt and germs were beginning to make themselves at home!

With the days getting shorter, it’s important to take action in the early months of fall. We recommend starting your fall cleaning routine with a checklist. See our fall cleaning recommendations below to prioritize cleaning that’s essential for your home.

Prepare Your External Environment for Chilly Winter Months

Begin your fall cleaning by inspecting the external elements of your home. Be sure to inspect outside doors to ensure they close properly and will keep cold winter air out. It’s also important to make sure your gutters and chimneys are clean and free of debris. Turn off outdoor water sources and drain hoses to avoid freezing.

After shoring up your doors, gutters, and outdoor faucets rake your yard weekly to avoid rotting leaves under snow. Keeping up with the leaves that fall throughout the autumn months will ensure green grass in the spring! If you have a garden be sure to prep it for the winter and plant spring bulbs before the ground freezes. Additionally, if you have outdoor furniture, find proper storage.

Service Winter Appliances and Tools

Servicing your furnace before the winter season will save you a headache and ensure your home is cozy and warm for the months ahead. Purchasing additional filters to change monthly will keep your furnace in top shape and help you avoid the need for any additional services. If you live in a state that experiences snow, ensure your snowblower is in working condition.

Protect your Internal Environment from Pollen and Germs

Changes in the seasons bring pollen, viruses and germs to the surfaces in your home. It’s important to clean your house from top to bottom. We recommend using natural cleaners to avoid polluting the air your breath as there is less air circulation inside your home during the winter months. Try our all-purpose cleaner to clean hard surfaces and freshen the stale air inside.

Ensuring your home is free from dust is essential to keeping allergens at bay during the fall months. Start by dusting your curtains and work your way down to the corners and baseboards. Be sure to vacuum the carpets, upholstered furniture, and your mattresses as the seasons change to keep from a buildup of dust.

Check all of the windows in your home to make sure they are winter weatherproof and free from any drafts. As you go over each window in your home you can multitask and clean the sills and screens. If you have windows with air conditioning units, now is a good time to take them out and replace them with storm windows. 

Organize, Organize, Organize!

Begin sorting through closets to free up space for bulky and heavy winter clothing and accessories. You should winterize your bedding with warmer linen to keep you warm and cozy during the chilly winter months. Switch out your summer curtains for heavier curtains to keep warm air from escaping your home.

Organizing your kitchen pantry, cupboards and appliances will make cooking for the holidays that much easier. It’s also a good opportunity to clean crumbs from the shelves to keep pests away while they’re seeking shelter from the cold. Organizing your kitchen regularly will keep you from needing a junk drawer that holds unnecessary items.

Take organizing your home a step further and clean out the garage before it gets too cold! This will free up extra storage space for patio furniture and avoid the buildup of clutter.

Prepare your Home for the Holidays

Take extra time to clean the kitchen where holiday food prep will take place. Start by organizing your pantry and fridge and rid it of any expired items and make room for holiday ingredient and meals. Remove any clutter from your kitchen counters to make space for prepping food.

The autumn months are a perfect opportunity to finally clean your oven as a lot of baking will be taking place over the holiday season. If your oven has a self-cleaning function, do a Google search for your specific oven cleaning instructions as they may vary by brand.

Take stock of your utensils and dishes and polish your silverware and metal serving platters to restore their natural shine. If you have silver or copper dècor you’ve been neglecting, fall cleaning is a great opportunity to polish and remove tarnish leaving them sparkling for the holidays!