The Best Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

It is hard to imagine a more popular essential oil than lemon. Its usage has been traced back to ancient Egypt where lemon oil was extracted and widely used. Back then, Egyptians used Lemon Essential Oil as part of the sacred mummification process, and today there are still widespread applications of the popular essential oil, many of which have been around since the pyramids.


Lemons have a high concentration of citric acid, which is a great natural cleaner capable of dissolving grease, mold, dirt and much more. When essential oils are extracted from lemons, you get one of nature’s best cleaners at your fingertips. Making your own natural cleaners with essential oils from scratch can be cumbersome, time-consuming and even ineffective if you don’t get the combinations correct. Instead, give our Capri Essentials Lemon Verbena All-purpose Cleaner a try. It has all the goodness of lemon essential oils, leave out harsh chemicals and save you the time of concocting formulations in your home.


The smell of lemon is synonymous with clean and fresh. After leaving a spotless shine in your kitchen or bathroom, it is only natural to want it to smell good too. As it turns out, not only does cleaning germs and bacteria keep you healthy, but aromatherapy has many cognitive benefits. For example, when inhaling a natural lemon fragrance, your olfactory receptors signal the release of serotonin and endorphins causing a feeling of euphoria and reduced stress. To take advantage of the aromatherapy benefits of lemon essential oils, try adding pure lemon essential oils to a diffuser. If you don’t have a diffuser you can try picking up a bottle of our Capri Essentials Lemon Verbena Dish Soap for a more balanced nightly dish time routine, or mid-day pick me up – depending on when you do the dishes most.


Nothing makes you look sillier than flapping your arms and hands wildly around at what appears to be nothing. If you’re doing that outside in the summer, most can guess you are trying to swat an annoying bug that likes your face, neck, arms, and legs, but it can still be embarrassing and frustrating when that bug won’t leave you alone. A generous dose of lemon essential oils will make those buggers less attracted to you, and hopefully, make them leave you alone and search out another. As a natural insecticide, lemon keeps away bugs and often smells better (and is better for you) than traditional store-bought bug spray. Here is an easy recipe for a natural insect repellent with lemon essential oils.

Skin Care

Lemon essential oil is a great natural toner for anyone looking to make skin routine improvements. Natural compounds found in Lemon Oil called polyphenols have antiseptic properties. When used as a face toner they can remove toxins for rejuvenation and improved PH balance. The same cosmetic benefits of lemon essential oil also work great for daily hand washing. Using a natural cleanser with Lemon Essential Oils, like Capri Essentials Lemon Verbena Hand Soap, will help remove bacteria while nourishing your hands in the process.