Spring Cleaning with Aromatherapeutic, Natural Cleaning Products

I love the scents and smells of spring, especially the fragrances of flowers and the boost of energy and sense of well-being they bring. Since the time of early civilizations, this phenomenon has been the focus of aromatherapy, which utilizes essential oils, or the pure oils extracted from fragrant plants, to achieve certain desired effects. Since those early beginnings, the benefits of essential oils have been widely studied, and in 1928 the science of aromatherapy was born.

Capri Essentials uses these essential oils in its natural cleaning products, which effectively clean my home while filling it with the benefits of natural scent. All Capri Essentials cleaners are plant based and bring the purity and beauty of nature into your home. Each product is 100% biodegradable and safe, and I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or ethics since they’re all natural and never tested on animals. I particularly enjoy the scents of lemon, lavender and basil while making my home the sanctuary I want it to be.

How Do Essential Oils Promote Well-being?

No one knows exactly why or how aromatherapy works although it’s been in use for at least 6,000 years. The power of scent is well known, however. When we experience a pleasant memory, it’s often connected to a strong and comforting scent. This is partly because our scent receptors are connected to areas of the brain that regulate emotions and memory. But essential oils are also suspected to work in a similar way as sedatives as they interact with hormones or enzymes or stimulate parts of the brain.

Each Capri Essentials all-natural cleanser contains essential oils carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits. Unlike artificial cleaners that rely on chemicals to mask odors or mimic a natural scent, Capri Essentials products go to the source with pure, plant-based materials that come directly from the bounty of the earth.

A Few of the Essential Oils Used in Capri Essentials Natural Cleansers.

Lemon Verbena: These cleansers feature a blend of lemon verbena, tea tree, rosemary and sandalwood essential oils to promote awareness, invigoration, and focus. I like to use it throughout my home at any time of the year to bring new life to my living space.

White Lavender: Juniper, thyme and chamomile combine with white lavender to create a potent, almost intoxicating scent that brings a sense of relaxation to my environment when I want to wind down. Stress is reduced, and the scent makes me think of a summer’s day, even when I use it in the dead of winter.

Sweet Basil: Almond oil, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils in a special blend with basil reduce fatigue, promote feelings of well-being and balance, and lift the energy of the air. Just as basil leaves lend a strong yet delicate flavor to my favorite dishes, it’s never overpowering in its essential oil form; it’s just delightfully delicious.

All three fragrances are available as hand soap and dish soap in addition to an all-purpose cleaner, which lets me enjoy the aroma of my choice in more than one way. And it’s reassuring to know that Capri Essentials Natural Cleansers reduce my exposure to chemicals during the time I spend cleaning or washing my hands and improve my health and well-being.

Learn More About Capri Essentials

Capri Essentials’ goal is to create a balanced and welcoming environment in every home. When my family, friends and visitors feel a sense of peace and well-being in my house, that’s when I know it’s truly a home. And that’s why Capri Essentials focus on the positive mental effects their products create through aromatherapy as well as their effectiveness as cleansers, cleansers that make my home safe and comfortable for my entire family.