Sweet Basil All Purpose Cleaner

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Clarify. Refresh. Energize.
Clean dirt and grime while renewing your senses with the essential oils in Capri Sweet Basil All Purpose Cleaner. Capris powerful plant-based detergents quickly clean the toughest dirt from all non-porous surfaces.

Our natural cleaning products are made without harsh chemicals that can pollute the air inside your home. We, instead infuse our cleansers with essential oils. Capris all natural essential oils are known to help relieve fatigue, control stress and promote feelings of well-being and balance. Only Capri uses a special blend of Almond Oil, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils with our Sweet Basil to deliver a refreshing all-purpose cleaner.

Made in the U.S.A.

SKU: 832082
Pkg Size: 23 oz.