How to Eat More Vegetables When You Aren’t a Fan

Everyone knows that when you decide to clean up your diet, one of the first steps is to “eat more fruits and vegetables.” But what is one to do when they can’t tolerate the taste of veggies?

To a society where many have a sweet tooth, vegetables often taste bland or even bitter. This leads to many people avoiding vegetables altogether. But these colorful foods are packed with nutrients and are so important to our daily diet. So how can you make yourself learn to like them? Try the tips below and see what works for you!

Learn your herbs and spices.

There are options beyond salt and pepper! Many pairings of vegetables and herbs/spices go together beautifully. Research a vegetable and find out what herbs and spices complement the flavor.

Vary the cooking method.

Any given vegetable can be prepared in a multitude of ways and each one lends a different texture and flavor. Find recommended ways to prepare cauliflower, for example. You might not like it steamed, but find it tasty when roasted. Avoid turning everything to mush and you may be surprised at what trips your trigger.

Throw them in an omelette.

Many people find they can stomach certain vegetables when they are cooked in an omelette. And remember, omelettes aren’t just for breakfast!

Pair each bite of vegetables with something you really like.

For example, make chicken stir fry and put some peppers with each bite of delicious grilled chicken. Childish? Maybe. But it works!

Try something completely new.

So you know you can’t stomach Brussels sprouts and kale can’t make it past your lips. But have you made an effort with the less-bitter veggies of the earth? Cherry tomatoes? Red peppers? Sweet potatoes? Get adventurous and test out the produce section, one by one. You’re bound to find something that works with your taste buds.

Literally hide your vegetables.

Parents do it with their kids and you can trick yourself, too! Throw greens into your smoothie, make loaded mashed cauliflower (instead of potatoes) or bake spinach into your lasagna. There are ways to add vegetables without even tasting them, and if that’s the only thing that works for you, then so be it!