Gifts That Give Meaning

The holidays are a time of traditions, a time of giving and a time to spend with the ones you love. Traditions encompass our true selves, our beliefs and where we came from. Celebrating the Holidays allows us to hold those traditions true and reminds us of where they came from.

Many families celebrate the holidays with gift giving; it’s something that connects people to one another and symbolizes their special bond. Gifts that are meaningful take time to find and are sometimes tough to think about, but the impact they can have is monumental.

The true gift of giving is specially forged from the heart, and with that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the perfect gift.

Get Crafty

There is something so special about homemade gifts. They can be personally crafted to represent your loved one and remind him or her of you every time he or she sees it. Gifts from scratch can be made in bulk and don’t always have to be cheesy. Homemade candles are a great way to craft a uniquely scented gift, and in these cold months, a hand-stitched scarf would warm the body and soul!

Homemade gifts, such as cookies or dinner placemats can become a unique tradition and a great experience for your little ones. Pre-made recipes in jars are a great gift to give to families too as they create a time for bonding.

Personalize It

Gifts represent a bond. They serve as a wonderful reminder of the thoughtful person who made or purchased them. Giving a gift that your loved one can see or wear every day makes it extra special. Household or everyday items that are used every day can be monogrammed or personalized with a meaningful quote.

Items such as wallets, jewelry, glassware or even dinner napkins can be embroidered or etched. Initials, family crests, a late loved one’s signature or even a meaningful quote are just a few things that can personalize gifts.

Cherish Special Memories

Gifts that bring your loved ones back to a special time such as old recovered photographs or your grandmother’s hand-stitched stocking from the 60’s are so special. Memory books and boxes with photos or souvenirs from a special trip are a great keepsake as well.

Some of our greatest memories are connected to our sense of smell. A scent can bring on a flood of memories and emotions much like the scent of basil can take you back to those sweet summer days in your grandma’s kitchen. Gifts that carry a unique scent such as cleanser sets can carry an aroma while doing everyday chores. Gifts like these are incredibly simple and serve as a great reminder of those meaningful moments.

Give Back

Give the gift of giving back! Charitable holiday donations can be a great opportunity to teach your little ones the value of generosity. Choosing organizations that allow children to volunteer can be a great bonding experience and builds character.

If you have a philanthropic loved one, donate to a charity that means something to him or her. Charitable walks or runs are always a great way to give back during the holidays and give the opportunity to bond with friends and family.

Create Memorable Experiences

Some of the best gifts you can give are intangible. Experiences turn into memories that we cherish the most. It’s the experiences that create those special bonds that last a lifetime. Plan a special outing or vacation with your family. Special surprise trips are a great gift for someone you don’t get a chance to spend much time with.

Family vacations are incredibly special and exciting but simple day trips can be just as fun! Get out of town for the day to a neighboring city or plan a fun mini trip to a museum or the ice skating park.

Experiences don’t always have to be an excursion. Getting your loved ones special experiences to enjoy on their own are great gifts too. A package of lessons for that guitar enthusiast or a month’s’ worth of yoga sessions for the person who’s looking to develop a new healthy habit is great examples of gifts that keep on giving.