Relax. Calm. Soothe.

Our White Lavender cleansers feature a special blend of lavender, juniper, thyme and chamomile essential oils that are known to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and calm the nerves. Along with its ability to soothe anxiety and emotional stress, it’s known improve brain function due to its antioxidant properties. This multi-purpose essential oil is incredibly aromatic and gentle on your skin. It is often used to treat cuts, scrapes and soothe irritated skin.

Whether you choose to use our plant-based dish soap, hand soap, all-purpose cleaner or any combination, our White Lavender cleaners will keep your home clean while also promoting a relaxing and tranquil home environment.


The flowers of the lavender plant (Lavandula Angustifolia) are steam-distilled to produce a powerfully scented essential oil. The amount and scent of the plant varies greatly depending on climate, soil and altitude. Linalyl acetate and linalool are two major components that work together to create a calming flowery, and refreshing, camphor like scent. Uses of lavender essential oil date back almost 2,500 years. Romans used lavender essential oil in the bath for its delicate scent and medicinal properties.

Benefits and Uses

Today lavender essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils due to its medicinal versatility. It is also one of the most widely recognized scents in the world making it all the more comforting when used in everyday products.

  • Sleep inducer - Lavender essential oil is commonly used to improve overall sleep quality. There have been many medical studies conducted that prove lavender aromatherapy can have a beneficial effect on sufferers of sleep disorders such as insomnia.
  • Stress reliever - When inhaled, lavender essential oil is drawn all the way into the amygdala gland in the brain to relieve anxiety or depression. Naturally, the oil has an impact on the autonomic nervous system which is why it is commonly inhaled or diffused to relieve emotional stress.
  • Anti-inflammatory - Lavender essential is used to treat and calm irritated skin caused by psoriasis, cuts, dermatitis, acne and even burns. Lavender essential oil can be diffused in water as a toner for the skin or a hair rinse as it helps balance oils levels.
  • Improves brain function - Lavender essential oil has many balancing properties that improve overall brain function. Studies show that the oil helps balance blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature which promotes a refreshed and relaxed state of being.
  • Analgesic - A natural pain reliever, lavender essential oil is an excellent remedy for muscle aches and pains, back aches and joint pain.
  • Detoxifier - Lavender essential oil naturally boosts immunity and digestive health with its antibacterial and antiviral qualities.

Relaxation Tips

  • Listen to our relaxation playlist while you clean
  • Read a book
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Favorite app: Breathe2Relax
  • Try out a yoga class

Capri’s Unique Blend of


Lavender Essential Oil

Juniper Essential Oil

Thyme Essential Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil

Known Aromatherapy Benefits of White Lavender Blends