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Our Lemon Verbena cleansers feature a special blend of lemon verbena, tea tree, rosemary, and cedarwood essential oils that are known to bring heightened awareness, invigoration, and an improved focus while eliminating toxins. Lemon Verbena is known for its medicinal properties; it is antiviral, full of antioxidants and used to promote immunity from stress-induced illness.

Whether you choose to use our plant-based dish soap, hand soap, all-purpose cleaner or any combination, our Lemon Verbena cleaners will purify your home while also promoting a focused and renewed home environment.


Lemon verbena essential oil is derived from the leaves and stalks of the lemon verbena plant (Lippia Citriodora). The entire plant smells strongly of lemon, giving steam-distilled lemon verbena essential oil a lemony, herbaceous scent. When the uplifting aroma lemon verbena reaches your senses, you’ll find a crisp and fresh scent followed by a fruity-floral aroma.

Benefits and Uses

Lemon verbena has a rich history of medicinal and culinary uses. Today the uses for this spectacular plant and its oils are diverse and offer many great health benefits.

  • Antiseptic & Bactericide - There are many clinical studies in the U.S. National Library of Medicine that found lemon verbena essential oil can effectively fight the development of bacteria and microorganisms. The essential oil is widely used as a disinfectant.
  • Stimulant - The scent of lemon verbena stimulates brain function to increase focus and concentration.
  • Digestive - Tea made from this essential oil is an effective digestive agent that helps with indigestion, upset stomach and bloating. A study conducted at the University of Auvergne found that the anti-inflammatory properties of lemon verbena help alleviate inflammatory bowel symptoms.
  • Antispasmodic - When used topically or in supplements and tea, lemon verbena essential oil can relieve sore muscles and spasmodic pain. The European Journal of Applied Physiology includes a study that proves lemon verbena supplementation helps release oxidative stress in chronic exercise.
  • Sedative - It’s widely used as a stress reliever as well. The essential oil is known for its sedative effect on the nervous system.
  • Insecticide - Lemon verbena essential oil can also be used as an insecticide! The antimicrobial characteristic of this oil is a great alternative to many commercial insecticides.

Renewing Tips

  • Listen to our focus playlist while you clean
  • Get organized with a to-do list
  • Learn a new skill
  • Favorite app: Lumosity
  • Go for a run

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