Back to School Cleaning Tips

Summer is over which means it’s time for the kids to go back to school! That also means that it’s time for some back to school cleaning… Don’t stress though because we’re here with some pro tips!

  1. Don’t Forget Daily Wipe Downs – To keep your countertops, lunchboxes or tables germ free make sure to wipe them down daily. Capri Essentials’ All-Purpose Cleaners clean dirt and grime while renewing your senses with their special blends of essential oils.
  2. Make Cleaning Fun – If the thought of cleaning wears you down, try to make it fun! Play your favorite music, make it a game with the kids or have an impromptu dance party to bring more joy into cleaning.
  3. Wash Hands Before Snacks – After school or work we could all use a snack, but make sure to wash your hands before indulging. This is the most important step to avoid getting sick or spreading germs. Try Capri Essentials’ Hand Soaps to awaken your senses every time you wash your hands.
  4. Don’t Forget Laundry – It’s recommended to wash towels every 2-3 days and bed sheets every 1-2 weeks. To keep bacteria away and maintain good health, make sure to keep up with the laundry.
  5. Get in a Routine – Set a date, create a plan and collect supplies before starting your back to school cleaning routine. Make sure to have fun during and reward yourself after for a day well spent!

Looking for something else?

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